David Tobey created this 3 by 4 foot acrylic painting especially for the American Cancer Society and donated it to them for a benefit art auction of his and other local and internationally famous artists' work at an ACS "Evening of Jazz" benefit. The benefit was held at Le Chateau restaurant in South Salem, NY on Thursday, September 27th, 2007.

        Two days later, on Saturday, September 29th, there was a reception at Pleiades Gallery, 530 West 25th Street in New York for the opening of David's one-man show there that ran through October 13th. Limited edition giclées of Reaching for the Cure on both canvas and paper were available for sale at the gallery, and a full 30% of all proceeds from the sale of these or any of Tobey's other paintings, sculptures or prints during the run of the show also went to the American Cancer Society.

        In Tobey's own words: "This painting portrays the intense struggle and the hope for a final cure for cancer. The composition of the painting is structured to propel the viewer’s eye upward and right toward a glowing orb emanating sunbursts of energy. This orb incorporates a caduceus, the ancient symbol for healing - a sword with two serpents entwined around it - a part of the logo of the American Cancer Society.

       "Within the orb is an enlightened paradise where mankind has finally accomplished the conquest of cancer. Starting from the bottom left of the painting, an ever intensifying number of shapes, lines and hidden figures appear and undulate toward the orb in the upper right. The people seen in this mass of movement are shown caring for one another, and one is seen pointing up the path toward the cure.

      "The use of deep and bright colors in the painting signify optimism - an important part of the battle, whether individually or universally - and the shapes, lines and composition all balance to present a powerful and cohesive whole."